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About Family Still Matters

Family Still Matters, is an American sitcom about a middle-class family living in Los Angeles, CA. The Series is based off of the Late TBS Show featuring Steve Urkle "Family Matters" Starring Jo'Marie Payton as Harriett Winslow and Jaleel White who played Steve Urkle. Family Still Matters revolves around the same values but much more mature and greater values. Mid-way through the series the show will introduce Donald and Little Donald Steve Urkles Alter Ego as an sophisticated and sarcastic neighbor. Family Still Matters will bring Healthy TV Back and Some of the greatest 90's values into the 21st Century.  

Executive Producer/Producer

Alander Pulliam



Ty-Ron Rice



Producer Bio:


Alander Pulliam

Entertainment executive Alander Pulliam is one of the youngest moguls in the entertainment industry, from TV, film, to the music side of things he has made a name for himself. His life in the entertainment business started at such a young age, from his day role on The hit Nickelodeon Show, "UN-fabulous" to Guest appearance on The Daytime Soap Opera, "Young and the Restless" at the age of 17 Alander Pulliam ended his career as an actor and went to the UALR and all around College in the southern region of Arkansas. After moving from Dallas, Texas after High School. While in college Alander Pulliam studied Public Relations, Marketing and Business Management. He began his hunch for the music during a studio session with cousins from San Diego, California in which lead him to learning more about the music business. At the age of 18, Alander Pulliam started going to music seminars, and music festivals networking with artist, songwriters, and producers, during his networking experience, one seminar changed his whole life. While employed with Universal Music Group, Alander Pulliam met and worked with platinum recording artist such as Nelly, Ciara, Kiesha Babi, Petey Pablo, Chingy, MR CG, Lil Wayne, Birdman, Nappy Roots, and many more of today's A-List Artist. Nelly was the first artist that He worked with on the label while employed with Universal Music Group. During the the time that he was positioned at Universal music group, he decided to take it a step higher and was promoted to Urban marketing administrator where he administered projects such as Ciara's, Lil Wayne, and 2Pistols.In many words Alander Pulliam is one of the greatest examples to hardship success, Both parents died at such a young age, he still remains the same hard working mogul in the game. While the two years at universal helped him advance as far as knowledge, he still had plans to more than just market and brand albums, and singles. He wanted to get back into the TV and Film industry.


"We Need a Family Wholesome TV Show That Will Express Values"


"Don't Chase After What You Don't Know About."


"Alander Pulliam is such an inspiration"


"Family Still Matters that alone means a lot to me."


"Progress comes when everything is unified."



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